13 Be Dar


Proudly co-organized by:

-SFU Iranian Club
-UBC Persian Club
-Emily Carr Persian Club

Since ancient times in Iran, leaving the house and spending the day outdoors on the 13th day of the year (the day of nature) has been a national tradition.
This year, the two main student organizations of Vancouver have come together to help you push your 13th out of the window!

امسال هم به سنت هر ساله برای مراسم سیزده به در راهی طبیعت می شویم تا روز طبیعت و این آئین قدیمی را در کنار دوستان جشن بگیریم. منتظر شما هستیم تا باهم سبزه ها را به آب روان بسپاریم و نوروز رو بدرقه کنیم.

In order to help us have a better estimate of the number of people attending this event, please fill in the form before Friday – April 1,2016.

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