UBCPC: 1395 Nowruz Countdown Party


Join us at old sub party room for the New Year Countdown Ceremony and a fun night!

This year, the magical Persian New Year festival of Norouz is coming to the heart of our campus at UBC!! We plan to countdown on March 19th, at the turn of the Persian New Year (that is 9:30:12 PM to put exactly!). We will celebrate the blossoming of spring around a beautiful Haft-Seen table and the company of you beautiful people. So join us for a night filled with Persian music and dance, refreshments, finger food and pastries, Persian style tea and of course a warm environment to hang out with family and friends.

Dress code: Semi-formal to formal encoraged.
Finger food, Persian pastries, tea and other refreshments will be provided.

***Kick off @ 8:00 pm
***countdown @ 9:30:12 pm
*** party all night long

نوروز امسال، قصد داریم تا لحظه تحویل سال در خارج از ایران زمین جاودانه شود. بهار را با دانشجویان دانشگاه بریتیش کلمبیا شروع کنید تا در کنار هم چشم به سالی‌ سبز داشته باشیم. شادمانه به استقبال بهار می‌رویم, کنار سفره هفت سین، رو به آینده‌.

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